AQM, LLC. All Quadrants Management. AQM Property Management. AQM Residential Brokerage. Samuel Shoshoo Qualifying Broker.
AQM, LLC. All Quadrants Management. AQM Property Management. AQM Residential Brokerage. Samuel Shoshoo Qualifying Broker.
Albuquerque Home Rental Investments
AQM Property Management
9400 Holly Ave NE, Building 4 Albuquerque, NM 87122 US
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Choose With Confidence. Choose AQM.

It is our mission here at AQM to be an Investment focused premier residential real estate firm with concentrations in the single family sector that provides Brokerage Expertise to institutional investors and first time investors/homeowners with a proven all inclusive management style for their property portfolios.

We have done our research. We studied the market for years before opening our Real Estate Firm. We take it seriously that our connections in the industry asked us to open an office in the Albuquerque Metro area-stating that Albuquerque was in need of a quality management firm.

Our Company Vision explains it best. Our focus is to grow within the Albuquerque Market and continue as one of the top choices in property management and brokerage services by the ongoing practice of the following:

Knowing the Market-Telling clients what they need to know before they have to ask.

Creating An Experience-Beyond market facts and numbers, we make it an enjoyable experience in all facets of our service

Building our Personal Brand-Knowledge, care, and a unique level of communication that surpasses other firms

Philanthropy-A strong part of our business brand and another example of the service and contribution we give back to

Respecting Ethics-Staying current with laws, choosing quality continuing education that contributes to our specific business focus with constant training

As a locally owned management firm, we utilize structure built around our success, an intense focus on financial performance, optimizing assets through detailed local market expertise and up to date market integration tools. Our longevity in the business shows that we know how to manage investment properties in an optimal manner, to drive value at the investment level. We use our longstanding practices and focus standards to make a property profitable- building on NOI and preserving your investment.

AQM Operates In Accordance To Our Ten Focus Standards Set Forth By AQM:

Teamwork/Maintenance Management We are a cohesive team that works collectively and independently together to keep relationships with our investment owners solidified. This performance, coupled with our relationships with outside vendors, our staff, and fully trained maintenance engineers, allows for an alliance to remain proactive on your investment.

Accountability/Transparency/Responsiveness We are accountable to ourselves and our clients and residents. We remain transparent in our performance communication to both our clients and residents alike. We take great pride in our immediate response time and our 24 hour service.

Leadership We exercise and train our proven leadership tactics to all recruits. We have minimal turnover because we assess this procedure in the hiring process to reduce time wasted on turnover. We are proud of our leadership skills and carry that expectation through all of our team members.

Maximize Asset Values We achieve top level performance on our investor’s portfolios by instituting systems of proactive maintenance while remaining cost effective and adhering to budget, maximizing revenue gains by watching the market and making sure we remain competitive without losing revenue, manage expenses, facilitate our supportive services when needed, and providing an excellent resident relationship to ensure retention for occupancy.

Marketing/Leasing We consistently evaluate our asset portfolio and implement improved strategies to maximize the value and profit. We consistently meet all short and long-term marketing goals.

Education/Training We educate our employees in all aspects to be results-driven and focused on investor/asset expectation. Our focus standards are the foundation to this.

Skill Acquisition Our screening process for professionals undergo an exceptional training process we have implemented in addition to implementing resources in the surrounding industry and education tools from memberships to ensure everyone is receiving the most recent information. Current team players regularly undergo this training as well for enhancement.

Investment Portfolio Management The founders of the company are very involved. They deliver expert insight to meet every investor/asset goal. Our proven tools were designed to implement strategies that can adjust as the market changes best fit for individual portfolios in respective areas. Each of our Portfolio Managers oversee a maximum of 4 to 5 portfolios, depending on size to provide individual and customized attention to each individual investor as needed. We understand overloading a manager is not only damaging to a firm’s reputation, but ultimately effects the management delivery on each asset and inhibits us from maintaining our focus standards.

Accounting/Finance Our reporting has been best described as streamlined, easy to read, readily available, and informative. We are proud of this accuracy and time-lined reporting to meet the expected standards of our investors. Clients of AQM benefit from BUILDIUM, an efficient, results driven tool for effective reporting that positively impacts the bottom line. Further, we do not overload our accountants with too many assets to account for. This allows for customized reporting and individual attention deserved to each client, respectively.

Vendor Resources/Relationships We are proud to have representation from reputable fields in our industry for a variety of needs and resources. The best Accounting firms, attorney’s on standby for questioning, whether it be for our owners or our staff, and specialized vendors when needed that are available at a moments notice for our portfolio of properties. Our Albuquerque Vendors undergo a specific background and reference check to ensure quality and delivery on our needs.


Make Intelligent Real Estate Decisions.

We create an authentic presence in the management of your property, your not lost in the intake. We understand a company’s years in business does not mean your home was cared for properly or leased at above market rents. We pride ourselves in our continued pursuit of marketing strategies to achieve the best rent without having to brag on our years of experience or our company brand…because to stay relevant you have to be willing to be ever-changing for the better. We are an aggressive management firm with many additional facets of experience in a variety of Real Estate related fields. We are connected to local and national investors that allow for us to connect others for amazing deals to mutual satisfaction.

We understand clients are looking for transparency, knowledge, and expertise, which makes us a Premier Albuquerque Property Management Firm of choice. No surprise costs or hidden fees to distract from the work we will do together. Communication is key, and we are happy to talk about it with you.

Our goal with everyone is mutual success. Learn more about Your Broker Team and their history that paved the way to AQM’s formation and continued achievements.

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Samuel Shoshoo, Qualifying Broker

Direct Phone: 505-306-9118 | Email: | Real Estate Licenses: #18853

As a Qualifying Broker at AQM, Samuel Shoshoo brings 13 years  of concise understanding to New Mexico and Nevada as a full service Real Estate Professional. Being the facilitator to all sales transactions and field training for current and incoming Associates, he epitomizes uncompromising integrity, hard work, energy and creative service, and makes sure that is instilled in all training programs for Associates that he oversees on behalf of AQM.

Samuel Shoshoo started his sales career at age 19 when he opened his first business. He has been trained and inspired in sales most of his adult life, and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the bulk of his working life has been as an entrepreneur himself. Recognizing this discipline at an early age in his life has been the driving force behind his continued successes.  

Samuel Shoshoo

His history of performance as an aggressive leader started in Chicago where he first began his own Real Estate Firm. He trained a team of portfolio managers on the property management level throughout the city, having them shadow his daily performance and then emulate his style as they began to work more independently.  Simultaneously, he would oversee project management in residential new construction on behalf of investor-owned multi family properties and single family homes. He also implemented a leasing division to oversee a complete lease up on several projects that were soon quickly occupied with residents.

After several discussions and one too many Chicago winters with his Partner, Matthew Martin, they decided to take their business dynamic to the Southwest and formed AQM. With a more hands on experience in residential sales and property management growing under their belt, they have taken their pro-active approach to streamlined management and sales in the single family sector to the next level here in New Mexico. They started working with investor groups to merge and purchase assets. This has provided jobs within the communities they work in, and allowed for them to perform hands on training which has brought continued success among those who work at AQM.

Throughout the course of his real estate career, Samuel has brought charisma as he worked every aspect of the industry representing residential buyers, sellers, investors, and banks in several markets throughout the U.S. He continues to challenge himself with an unparalleled professional track record and use of savvy negotiations and cutting edge market strategies that he has developed over the course of his career.

Samuel has set high goals for the AQM brand he achieves with the help of his Partner and staff. Their substantial growth is something they are very proud of, while also maintaining a smaller company feel and remaining hands on with each transaction and every client.

Samuel is proud to be involved with his Partner in their favorite charity, International Rescue Committee-An Organization devoted "to responding to the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crises and helps people who’s lives are shattered by disaster." His focus in real estate carry over in his philanthropy work by way of sponsorship. Sam attended Purdue University in Indiana before starting his Real Estate Firm. When Sam has some downtime he is working on a lifestyle blog with his Partner Matthew Martin that will be launched soon to illustrate their life and passion. It will outline tips and make suggestions for those who wish to purchase real estate, share his interests in travel, cooking and his love for fine automobiles.

Samuel is looking forward to a continued rate of growth as seen in previous years for AQM. He continues to develop new strategies that correlate beyond market expectation, utilizing focus groups to advise on client needs and how they change over time. He welcomes bringing on more highly skilled team members as his offices expand in order to maintain the level of satisfaction that has become a standard and expectation to AQM’s signature brand.

Samuel Shoshoo has contributed to AQM's success as a multi-faceted real estate company that specializes in third party management, acquisition, improvement, and disposition of numerous single family residences for investors within their portfolios. He continues to initiate communication, build momentum, encourage progress, and brand his company through all target locations AQM chooses to grow. In the meantime, Albuquerque remains home to him.

We are proud to be featured in Albuquerque Business First as a Premier Choice in Management Firms in the Albuquerque Metro area. Feel free to check us out here.



Karen R.

Albuquerque, NM



"Great experience! Samuel was quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and available! He made our introduction to leasing our property as trouble free as possible. Highly recommend AQM."

Kristin N.

Rio Rancho, NM



"I am forever grateful to Sam Shoshoo and Matt Martin at AQM! They, literally, were available 24/7. They answered every question and met with me whenever I needed. Even though they are both very busy, they were never too busy for me. They made me feel like I was their only client! I really do not believe I would have made it through this bumpy home buying experience without them. Financial was a nightmare and they advocated for me 100% of time. The best team out there for sure!"

Kathy K.

Albuquerque, NM



"They are the best management company I've ever worked with! They are so friendly and know how to get things done."

Amanda G.

Las Vegas, NV



"I am currently living in Las Vegas, and needed to rent out my house in Albuquerque. AQM was really nice in helping me through a special circumstance and are very professional!! Great property management company here in the city!"

AQM, LLC. All Quadrants Management. AQM Property Management. AQM Residential Brokerage. Samuel Shoshoo Qualifying Broker.
Matthew Martin Associate Broker Owner AQM Property Management

Matthew D. Martin, Qualifying Broker/Owner

Direct Phone: 505-453-6853 | Email: | Real Estate Licenses: #20074

Matthew is responsible for overseeing many departments within our Firm, Matthew exercises his expertise that serves as an integral part to not only AQM’s current placement in our industry, but its current and future growth as our expansion continues. His professionalism is illustrated in his performance, having started at entry level in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois before partnering with Samuel Shoshoo and venturing Southwest to begin his vision on an authentic approach to buying and selling real estate and managing investment portfolios.

Matthew’s hands on approach is why his investor clients love him. They trust their portfolios will get the attention they need to thrive. This authenticity he brings to the table is a contributing factor to his success in guiding local, national, and international clients with their real estate acquisitions successfully. Matt’s areas of expertise include strategic planning and transaction management on the residential level, in volume.

Matt specializes in applying his professionalism into the marketing and education divisions of AQM. This is reflective of our staff that can turn to him for support on any level, and Matt is happy to share his knowledge. Overseeing all transactions, he is able to ensure all paperwork is handled properly and legally, and  make recommendations where needed for streamlined transactions. There is no end to his involvement. As AQM continues to grow,  Matt sets forth concentrations in training so our team can provide the authenticity and knowledge AQM was founded on. This standard in residential home sales/investment portfolio management is why AQM is consistently referred new clients, because we consistently exceed our client’s investment goals.

Matthew is proud to be involved in his favorite charity, International Rescue Committee: An Organization devoted to responding "to the World’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives are shattered by conflict and disaster..." His passions in real estate carry over in his philanthropy work by way of sponsorship. Matthew attended Roosevelt University in Chicago before starting his Real Estate Firm. When Matthew has some downtime and is not busy with his real estate career, he is working on a lifestyle blog with his Partner Samuel Shoshoo that will be launched soon that will illustrate their authenticity and share their life and passion for real estate. It will also outline tips and make suggestions for those who wish to begin investments in real estate, those who share an interest in travel, cooking, and life as a Cat Fancier.


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